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Love and Light Doula Agency has been empowering women along their birthing journey since 2021. Located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, Love and Light Doula Agency offers a medically holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth for women. With services ranging from doula care to surrogacy consulting, we help women discover the strength, beauty, and power within themselves through the lens of pregnancy and childbirth. Through experiential, hands-on learning, respect for modern medicine, and a powerful appreciation for the natural art of childbirth, Love and Light Doula Agency empowers women to discover their own strength and create a birthing experience that is authentic to their vision and aligned with their goals.

Healthy Maternity for You and Your Baby

Love and Light Doula Agency provides caring, compassionate, and competent doula services designed to support women throughout their entire birthing journey – from preconception to postpartum.

About Us

Meet Our Founder

Years ago, I decided I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. I have always loved everything pregnancy, birth, and baby related. Life with all its twists and turns, I was unable to become a nurse. In 2017 I found out about Doulas. A light went off and I knew I found my calling.

My name is Chanele Ramos, and I founded Love and Light Doula Agency to be able to do what I love by helping women and families through the most exciting time of their lives. 

As the mother of three beautiful children, and the proud surrogate to two sets of twins, I have a deep appreciation for this work.  In my work as a doula, I bring compassion, creating space, understanding, expertise, education, and a medically holistic approach to childbirth that focuses on the wants, needs, dreams, and goals of the mother.

I help women understand, uncover, and embrace their personal strengths, and create the pathways to a pregnancy journey that is authentic to her needs.

Love and Light Doula Agency is on a mission to help women experience their pregnancy and childbirth experience on their own terms.  We help them discover the love and light within this beautiful endeavor and provide a holistic approach to childbirth that embraces both modern medicine and natural practices.

The journey is yours.  Love and Light Doula Agency is here to walk by your side along the path.

Meet the Team

Djuana Fair

- Postpartum Doula

ChaKaiyah Briscoe

- Personal Shopper (Virtual)